FAQ'S - Masala Photobooth

Why choose “Masala Photo Booth” over other photo booths?

Glad you asked! Similar to to other photo booths, Masala Photo Booth allows your guests to act silly and take crazy photos of themselves having great time. But here’s how our booth is different:

Masala Photo Booth allows guests to instantly share their photos via SMS or Email!

We provide premium photo prints using a high performance lab quality photo printer.

We also provide the option to share a GIF (animated) image of your shots.

All photo’s are accessible on a password protected gallery where you or all of your guests can enjoy reminiscing the event.

While other booths typically have a low quality camera built into their booth and adjusted to one setting Masala booth uses a non built in, high quality digital SLR camera which allows for each shot to be customized.

We use professional studio lighting!

Our open-air concept gives guests much more room to get creative with their pictures.

We use a 23″ LCD screen to give your guests immediate feedback of their poses (larger screen than what most other photo booths use)

We can provide a custom photo templates for your event.

We provide high quality and fun props not just the typical “dollar store” types.

We can shoot images using green screen technology (Chromakey). You can transport your guests to anywhere in the world!!!

What is an animated GIF image?

Photo’s taken in succession and then merged together to form a moving image.

What does green screen technology (Chromakey) mean?

Basically you take a photo in front of our green backdrop that is replaced with a background of your choice!

How many people can fit inside?

4-6 fit comfortably and the current record stands at 20!

How many photos can we take?

As many as your heart desires!

Do you provide props?

Yes! We provide the most original and unique props in the industry. Or if you wish, we can let you decide which unique props would best suit your event for an additional fee.

What are my options for a backdrop?

White Backdrop (High Key)

Bone Colour

Studio Grey

Damask Backdrop

Venue Wall

Grey/Blue Backdrop

Glittery Gold Backdrop

Glittery Silver Backdrop

Glittery Black Backdrop

Grass/Flower Backdrop (custom)

Green Screen (Chroma Key)

Custom (starting at only $100)

You can mix and match any of the above during your event

Does Masala Booth work for kids?

This is great for kids and it would make a great addition to birthday parties!

Do you provide a custom template for photos?

Yes! We can create almost any type of template you require or add any image/logo’s you may have to a template.

How much space is needed?

We’ll need an 7 X 10 feet space with a 3-pronged power outlet within 30 feet

How long do you need to set up?

We will need access to your venue one hour before coverage begins to set up.

Can I use the Masala Booth outside?

We don't recommend using the Masala Booth outdoors due to the irregularity of weather/light. However, an outdoor area that is covered (tents, pavilions, etc.) will work just fine. Contact for more details

Do you offer social sharing?

Yes! Our booth provides the option for you to share your photos instantly via email, twitter, facebook, or SMS/Text!